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for Seniors

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Hope in Home provides these screens for all of their adult patients to complete. We arrange to score them for the physician, or their staff may use our online portal for scoring, then the physician bills the patient's insurance annually for an average reimbursement of $15 per screen (the average primary care physician in the U.S. has just over 2000 patients on their panels*). Hope In Home is the beneficiary of many patient referrals by virtue of this marketing technique.

Additionally our marketing team regularly talks with facility administrators giving them a further understanding of the value that comes from annually depression screening their residents, so for them to maintain healthy minds, and this leads to a more physically sound, and healthy resident.


The number one cause of residents leaving a facility is due to failing physical health, and according to the Institute of Medicine report, untreated mental health conditions lead to poorer physical health. In order for residents to remain a tenant at a facility for an extended period of time we work at no additional expense to the facility on their residents state of mind, and ultimately benefiting the ALF’s bottom line.


The above are just some samples of the methods we employ in order for you to feel comfortable that we are able to provide you with as many, or as few patients as you're willing to see on an ongoing basis.


Some of the benefits of contracting with Hope In Home:


  • We take care of the Insurance claims, coding and billing for you.
  • We offer ongoing training, and insurance regulation updates.
  • Ongoing procedural, regulatory and ethical compliance is guaranteed.
  • We provide unlimited access to our hippa compliant cloud based EMR software, and scheduling systems.
  • We will execute recredentialing applications for you annually.
  • We geographically target patients within your immediate traveling proximity for your convenience.
  • We maintain a 24/7 hippa compliant answering service for patients to schedule their appointments.
  • You determine the size of your own case load.
  • You determine when you work.