Compassionate Counseling
for Seniors

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Our mobile clinicians come to you! You'll appreciate short term, solution oriented and evidenced-based interventions, based on the uniqueness and individuality of you.

Every client will have a treatment plan based on their particular needs and goals.

Hope in Home Counseling for Seniors uses Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW's) who are specially trained, and use multiple therapeutic modalities to provide a person-centered service.


Hope in Home's Psychotherapists provide supportive, insight-oriented and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy with clients in their own living environment, including Assisted and Independent Living communities or in an office setting.

Often, it is hard to handle the changes that come with advancing age. Illness, the loss of independence, the stress of caring for a loved one, and other issues can cause depression, anxiety, and emotional difficulties. Untreated, such depression and anxiety can lead to isolation, panic, lack of interest in caring for self, and increased physical deterioration. Many seniors and those with chronic illness are unable to access mental health treatment due to physical limitations, lack of transportation, or caregiving issues. Often, they may be unwilling to travel to a therapist’s office to receive the treatment they need and deserve.


Because of our unique organizational structure, our clients and practitioners enjoy many conveniences and benefits that can not be found through traditional talk therapy services.


Counseling involves discussions between the patient and the mental health professional that may focus on current or past problems, experiences, thoughts and feelings. In sharing the experiences with a trained therapist, patients gradually come to understand more about themselves, their problems and their patterns of responding to and coping with life events. Psychotherapy helps the individual to develop new ways of thinking about and coping with these events and to develop more adaptive ways of coping.