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pdf forms FOR PRINT

*All therapist are directly responsible to submit executed Release Of Information forms to third party clinicians (as needed), and said clinicians must be instructed to fax the clients information to: (561) 431-4601 upon receipt HIH administration shall upload it to the patients file within TherapyNotes.

If client is executing the PDF documents please either fax them to our e-fax (561) 431- 4601 and HIH administration will upload them to the clients file in TherapyNotes or scan them, and upload as follows:


Follow the steps below to upload files into a patient's chart.


Step 1: A digital file is needed. If you have the document on paper, you will need to scan it first. The maximum file size is 5 MB. To learn more, read How Do I Scan Documents?


Step 2: To go to the patient's chart in your TherapyNotes account: Click PATIENTS at the top > Click patient name > "Notes" tab (if you are a clinician) -OR- "Documents" tab (if you are an administrator). Click the blue "Upload a Patient File" button on the top right.


Step 3: Click the "Choose File" or "Browse" button (the name may vary based on the web browser you are using), and select the document you wish to upload. The file will begin uploading immediately.


Step 4: Select the "Type of Document". This determines the security level of the file, so be sure to choose the correct option.

Administrative: Select this for documents such as service agreements, insurance cards, or consent forms. All users will have access to these files including clinicians, schedulers, and billers.

Clinical: Select this for documents such as intake surveys, test results, or previous session notes. These files will be restricted to only the patient's assigned clinicians and clinical administrators.

Note: If you are not a clinician and you choose this option, you will not have access to the file once it has been uploaded. You can still upload the document and will see that it has been added, but you will not be able to view or download it.


Step 5: Enter the "Document Name". Some commonly used names are provided - select an option from the dropdown or type your own in the field.


Step 6: Enter the "Document Date". The current date is automatically populated, however you can type in a different date for the file. For example, you may wish to use the appointment date for notes or testing materials, instead of the date the document was uploaded.


Step 7: If you are uploading a HIPAA Agreement or a PCP Consent form, the system will automatically ask if you want to update the patient's chart to indicate that this information has been collected. Check the box or select from the dropdown to show this in the "Patient Info" tab.


Step 8: Click the green "Add Document" button to save your document in TherapyNotes.